VSES Members

Mr Andy Ang

Mr Raf Asaid

Mr Shane Barwood

Mr Shane Blackmore

A/Prof Simon Bell

Dr Rachel Blackshaw

Dr Pamela Boekel

Mr David Booth

Mr Ashley Carr

Mr Derek Carr

Mr Soong Chua (VSES President)

Mr Harry Clitherow

Mr Raymond Crowe

Mr Vikram David

Mr Richard Dallalana

Mr Kevin Eng

Dr Jen Flynn

Mr Nick Furness

Mr Devinder Garewal

Mr Jason Harvey

A/Prof Greg Hoy

Mr Richard Jamieson

Dr Prue Keith

Mr Richard Large

Mr Douglas Li

Mr Frank Lyons

Mr Todd Mason

Mr Brett Moreira

Mr Dharsh Musiienko

Mr Owen Mattern

Mr Ash Moaveni

Mr Brett Moreira

Mr Gayan Padmasekara

A/Prof Richard Page

Mr Minoo Patel

Mr Richard Pennington

Mr Rohan Price

Mr Stewart Proper

Mr Eden Raleigh

Mr John Salmon

Mr Brendan Soo

Mr Luke Spencer

Mr John Swan

Dr Rebecca Tang

Mr Austin Vo

Mr Kemble Wang

Mr Andrew Weber (VSES Secretary)

Mr Warwick Wright

VSES Associate Members

Simon Balster, Physiotherapist

A/Prof David Connell, Radiologist

Dr Andrei Diacon, Orthopaedic Registrar

Dr Daniel Epstein, Orthopaedic Registrar

Dr Sarah Forsyth, Physiotherapist

Dr Rebecca Foxton, Surgical Assistant

Bonnie Kerr, Physiotherapist

Sam Lawrence, Physiotherapist

Dr Chris Lawson, Radiologist

Ross Lenssen, Physiotherapist

Dr Dharsh Musiienko, Orthopaedic Registrar

Dan Verdon, Physiotherapist

Dr Phoebe Walker, Orthopaedic Registrar

Sarah Warby, Physiotherapist

Dr Lyn Watson, Physiotherapist

Membership Options

VSES has two categories of membership:

VSES Membership Fee

The VSES annual full membership fee is $150. GST does not apply.

The membership fee is the same for both full and associate membership categories. An associate orthopaedic registrar category is available at a discounted rate.

The membership fee covers attendance at scientific dinner meetings and the end of year symposium.

VSES Membership Processing

VSES memberships are now processed online.

Upon clicking Join, you’ll be taken to our secure Stripe payment portal to complete payment details.

You’ll receive a tax invoice by email within a few minutes.

Questions about VSES membership

For any questions about VSES membership, payments or inclusions, please contact secretary@vses.com.au

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